Calendar Assignment

As I said in my ‘About’ page, I am going to share my learning experience in my blog.

So, here is my first assignment. The goal is to create a calendar using html and css only.

I am a very big fan of football (I am sorry, I will never call it soccer :D). I follow football since I was 7-8 old. I started following 2 teams back then, and these 2 teams are still my favorite – Real Madrid and Chelsea. I decided to take this opportunity and instead of a regular calendar create FC Chelsea matches calendar.

The calendar has to have at least one month of the year. I decided to choose December because there are a lot of games in English Premiere League. There is a week called ‘boxing day’, where all the teams have to play 3 games. Three games in seven days.

The calendar must have all of the holidays in the chosen month marked. Since a game is essentially a holiday for me, I decided that match-days are going to be my holidays. There are 6 holidays in December!

I used 2 colours for the calendar itself – green (football field or pitch) and a colour of the home kit of Chelsea. It is their main colour.

Here is my calendar.


2 thoughts on “Calendar Assignment

  1. Great work Sasha! Your calendar is one that I could see any Chelsea fan using to keep track of upcoming games … this would even be better if there’s a way to have a live schedule be pulled in so that it always stays current.

    In the ‘soccer’ vs. ‘football’ debate, you might find this interesting:

    Though, obviously, the term ‘football’ makes more sense, since you hardly use your feet in american football- I’ve heard people call it ‘hand-egg’, since you use your hands and the ball is more egg shaped :).


    1. I liked the article, thank you for sharing Thomas! I am not getting triggered by the word ‘soccer’ unlike some of the people mentioned in the article tho 😀

      Thank you for your advice. I think I will work on my calendar since I have at least 3 more features that I could add to make it better. A live schedule is one of them 🙂


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