About Me


My full name is Aleksandr Krasnokutskii (Sasha) and I am from Russia.

I graduated from a Russian university in 2012. I studied economics for 5 years (Sep 2007-June 2012). It’s very common in my country that after and sometimes during studies people start working in a different work area. So, during my last year I in university I started working as a content manager of a news website (the site still exists but there’s no maintenance atm). I was responsible for adding news and articles, optimizing them and uploading photos. I worked as a content manager for less than one year and got promoted to the editor position. The CMS I worked with was Bitrix but then we decided to move to Drupal.

Agricultural website

As an editor I was responsible for a brand new project. I live in the south-west of Russia where the climate is almost perfect for agriculture (especially plant growing). So, our project (which still exists) was essentially a small semi-social network semi-agricultural news website for local farmers and people involved in agriculture in 4 regions in the south-west of Russia. Here is the website. We don’t have an English version of it but you can get a basic understanding of the structure at least. The site CMS is Drupal.

Business trips

The website is an investment type of a project. We got investment from MDIF (Media Development Investment Fund) who’s head office is in the US. Since then I worked at the project for almost 3 years until June 2016. I had business trips to different countries. I’ve been to different Media events, such as Digital Media Asia in 2013 and Drupal camp. I’ve visited some of the most known newsrooms (both digital and print) in Sweden (Aftonbladet, Arbetarbladet), Estonia (Delfi, Postimees), Malaysia (Malaysiakini) and Russia (Echo.Msk).

Web Design, Development and Maintenance

Since I was in digital business for almost 4 years, I absolutely fell in love with development. I’ve always wanted to be able to create something from scratch. I am really bad (utterly bad) at drawing and painting, therefore I can’t become an artist. Unfortunately for me, because I think I have a pretty good imagination.

So, I fell in love with development, and right now I am studying at Humber College, Toronto. It is a six months program and I absolutely love it. All my teachers are so versatile and I cherish every moment, since in my home country most teachers I knew didn’t care about their students.

I am going to use this blog to share thoughts about my learning process. I am still very new to the industry of development, so these posts are going to be very ‘noobish’ 😀


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