My first html Website

So, for my composite one assignment I had to create a website using html and css.

When I first heard that we were going to create a website, I immediately  thought of my dad and his business.

My father lives in Russia and has his own company. The company operates in 3 regions (provinces or states) of southern Russia. The company is an official dealer of some of the biggest plants in Russia that produce fertilizers.

Honestly speaking, I was lucky with this assignment, because I thought about the concept of the site for a long time. The mockup existed in my head for at least more than a year.

Agriculture in Russia is a pretty conservative field of business. Even some big companies still don’t have their own website. Some of them have a website but it’s hard to look at it without getting depressed 😀

His targeted audience mostly consists of middle class farmers. They are pretty conservative and use mobile phones only for calling and picking up calls. They never use their phones to surf on the Internet or play games. I think that it is this way because the wireless coverage is practically non-existent outside of big cities in southern part of Russia. One day there will be coverage and they will use their smartphones to surf on the Internet. We just need to wait.

The main challenge was to make things simple. I needed to show the maximum amount of useful information on the home page. As I said, Russian farmers are not computer geeks, and some of them (the percentage is pretty low though) are not familiar with computers. So, their children do searching for them. But then again, they mostly use desktops for searching because of a bad wireless coverage.

The design is very simple, in my opinion. I decided to have a catalogue on the home page. These 9 pictures are the names of different fertilizers. There is also a contact form and ‘About’ page. On the bottom you can see the embedded google map.

Here is the link: